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anonYMOUS counseling in english

Do you need someone to talk to?

Do you need someone to talk to about exchanging intimacy and sexual services? And do you want to do it anonymously?

You can talk to Reden Ung about everything from selling sex, sugar dating, sending nudes, transgressive behaviour, boundaries, and more. We will always listen. You can ask us questions, receive advice, guidance, and help. 

There is no such thing as stupid questions – you can ask us anything. Our counselors are trained in and used to talking about sex, boundaries, nudes, sugar dating, and more. 

Please note that our chat and SMS counseling plugin on the website is in Danish. Do not get discouraged! We do speak English once you get through the portal. All conversations with Reden Ung via text message, chat, and phone are anonymous

You can call us during our opening hours. We are ready to listen and help.

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Monday 14:00-16:00
Tuesday 14:00-16:00
Thursday 14:00-16:00

Reden Ung’s counseling service is verified by RådgivningsDanmark.

In-person counseling in english

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Do you prefer in-person counseling or do you want to know more about our local services?

Reden Ung operates in all of Denmark and offers in-person counseling in Copenhagen, Odense, Esbjerg, Aarhus, and Aalborg. 

Contact your local Reden Ung via the map to hear more. 

In-person counseling in Reden Ung is not anonymous.  

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Find answers to your questions

During a counseling session we always talk about your situation and the questions you may have. We listen and help put your emotions and experiences into words while trying to locate your personal boundaries. We also guide you in regards to your rights and applicable legislation. 

There is no such thing as stupid questions – you can ask us anything. Our counselors are trained and used to talking about sex, boundaries, nudes, sugar dating, and more. 

It is important to us that a conversation always ends with you knowing what to do next and that you feel safe moving on without us. 

How long a counseling session lasts naturally depends on your needs.

A conversation over phone can last up to an hour while a conversation over chat can last longer. Our in-person counseling can also stretch over a longer period of time. 

Our counselors know a lot about: 

  • Buying, exchanging, and selling sexual services:
    • Sugar dating
    • Webcam sex
    • Selling intimate photos and/or underwear
  • Online-dating
  • Unwanted approaches
  • Boundaries, setting boundaries, and getting your boundaries crossed
  • “Sextortion” (blackmail where the counterpart threatens to share your photos etc.)
  • Emotions, desires, considerations, and thoughts in relation to buying, trading, and selling sexual services.

You are 100% anonymous if you choose chat, text message, or phone counseling.

You are asked to fill in your age, area code, etc. before a chat counseling starts. This is in order to give you appropriate counsel and for statistical purposes. You do not have to give us your actual info if you do not want to. 

Please note that we can see your e-mail address if you send us an e-mail. We can also see your phone number if you call your local Reden Ung counselor.

In-person counseling is not anonymous. 

The anonymous counseling options are listed above on this page. 

Every person, regardless of gender or sexuality, between the age of 15-30, can contact Reden Ung.

All that matters is that you want or need to talk about exchanging intimacy and sexual services (for example selling sex, sugar dating, exchanging sex, selling/exchanging intimate photos, webcam sex etc.), and/or anything that comes before, during, and after an exchange (for example online dating, unwanted approaches, sexstortion, getting your boundaries crossed both digitally and physically, stigmatisation etc.)

You are welcome to contact us even if you are under 15 or over 30 but we may refer you to another program better suited to your needs. 

We also offer counseling and guidance to relatives and professionals.

Counseling is available in Danish and English.

  • Anonymous chat, phone, and text message conversation: We offer anonymous counseling on both chat, phone, and text message. Please notice that we can see your e-mail address if you send an e-mail. We can also see your phone number if you call directly to your local Reden Ung.
  • In-person counseling and local offers: Contact your local Reden Ung for more info.
  • Follow us on Social Media:

No, we will not share your story. All of our counseling sessions are confidential. This means that we can only share information with other counselors and our supervisor if we need help in regards to a counseling session.

In special circumstances, we may have to share your story with your municipality (DK: hjemkommune) in order to make sure that you are getting the help that you need. This only applies if you are under 18 years old and give us identifiable information about yourself. For example your full name, your school, or your address. 

We will always tell you before we contact your municipality.  

Anonymous chat, phone, and text message is open on: 

Monday: 14:00-16:00

Tuesday: 14:00-16:00

Thursday: 14:00-16:00

The text messages are always open, which means that you can send us an anonymous text message whenever you need to. We answer during our opening hours. 

For opening hours at your local Reden Ung, please contact your counselor.

Yes, you can.

If you want to make a complaint about a counseling session, please contact Mads Andersen Høg at mah@reden.dk.

Please notice that you are not anonymous if you choose to write an e-mail. 

You can also call Mads at 50 94 80 68. If you dial #31# in front of the number, your phone number will not be visible.

If you want to make a complaint, the following info is necessary: 

  • When did the counseling take place? Date and time.
  • Which channel did the counseling take place on? Chat, phone, text message, or in-person. 
  • What elements did you not find up to standards?